I used GoBe2 while on a fasting diet and the results were accurate.



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    Tech Support

    Dear Anthony,


    Thank you for sharing your story with us! We are thrilled to see GoBe2 is helping you to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle.


    Warm wishes,


    Healbe Customer Care


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  • Emily

    Wow! Such an interesting story! My GoBe doesn’t show accurate numbers on fasting.. but it is not claimed to do so
    Nevertheless so happy the band helps you with your goals!

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  • Jesse S

    Your story is inspiring, thank you for sharing it! I am not using GoBe for weight loss, but I am trying to become healthier overall. When I noticed I had calorie spikes very early in the morning, it helped me to understand that my evening meals didn't get digested properly in the course of the evening - they did so only the next day. This made me reconsider what and how much I ate for dinner. My dinners became much lighter and now, after some time have passed, I feel much lighter in my body and have more energy. I am very happy about that and I am grateful to have my GoBe which helped me to understand it!

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  • Anthony Ramos

    Glad it’s working for you Jesse! It took me awhile but keep experimenting with calories until you reach your goal!

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