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    Dear Lucy,

    When you first put your GoBe2 on, it will immediately start collecting data to analyze YOUR unique “normal” hydration level. This learning process can take from two days up to two weeks of consistent wearable use.

    With a bioimpedance sensor and the patented HEALBE FLOW Technology, GoBe2 calculates your current level of hydration and compares it to the learned “normal” one.

    When GoBe2 detects a decreased hydration level, it will remind you to rehydrate by vibrating and displaying the “DRINK” message on your device screen. GoBe2’s hydration reminders are based on the analysis of several parameters including metabolism, activity level and personal data shared in your profile.

    For more details on hydration you can also check out our infographics at


    Thank you!



    Healbe Customer Care

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  • Emily

    Doesn’t know how exactly this feature works, but it shows me quite often “drink “ messages as I always forget to do it. Amazing feature , my fav!

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  • Jesse S

    Lucy, surely, GoBe alerts you when your hydration level gets low. You won't miss it! It's a very handy and healthy feature. I enjoy it along with calorie tracking!

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  • Anthony Ramos

    One thing I really learned was that my GoBe likes me to drink consistently throughout the day. If you try to force it all at once, your body apparently is less efficient at absorbing the water. One trick that I do is try to make myself drink a while glass every time I am thirsty. To do this, I drink at room temperature. I heard a joke online that anyone who actually drinks water rather than sip drinks it at room temperature ;)

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