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    Hey Lucy,

    Please find the instructions for charging your GoBe3 below.

    1. Connect the charging cable to GoBe3. Carefully bend off the charging socket plug located on the band’s rear side and insert the cable until it stops. While plugging in the cable, make sure the logo is directed towards the sensors;
    2.   Connect the charging cable to a USB port on your PC or mains adapter and turn on the power source;
    3.   Wait until the GoBe3 display shows the screen with a notification that the charging process has started;
    4.   Leave GoBe3 connected to the power source until the display shows the screen with a message that the battery is completely charged;
    5.   Unplug the charging cable from the power source;
    6.   Unplug the charging cable from the band and close the charging socket plug on the rear side of the band;
    7.   GoBe3 is ready to work. You can start using it.

    And here is some extra advice on charging the device:

    • Before charging GoBe3, make sure that the contacts on the band and on the charging cable are clean and dry.
    • Use only the original USB charging cable for an efficient and fast charge. 
    • GoBe3’s full charge cycle should be done once a day for 90 minutes or twice a day for 40 minutes each charge.
    • You can always buy an additional charging cable on our website
    • We recommend charging GoBe3 in the morning, after waking up, and before breakfast in order to provide the most accurate estimated calorie level.


    I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please let me know. 




    Healbe Customer Care

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  • Anthony Ramos

    I believe it charges the same way, you use USB to connect it to your computer

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