Is there any solution for frequent "No Contact" issue?



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    Hello Jesse,

    You can try tightening the strap a little, to a comfortable position. The band’s sensor needs to stay in close contact with your skin, but it should not be so tight as to hurt your wrist.

    Other possible reasons for losing contact are skin imperfections, tattoos, scars, extensive hair growth, or excessive dryness of the skin. If any of these apply to you, you can try wearing GoBe2 on another arm or on the inside of your wrist and see if it helps. 


    Thank you!



    Healbe Custome Care

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  • Emily

    I’m quite ashamed to admit, but I had to remove the hair in order to have a good contact with the skin. Quite funny, but really effective method.. 😂 LoL

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  • Jesse S

    Thanks! I have very little skin hair though. But I tried switching arms and on the other arm it's better now. Maybe I tend to twist my active arm too much 😂

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  • Anthony Ramos

    I must confess I didn’t get this message. However, I do know occasionally I have left the strap loose so that it sticks out, and I have to tuck it back in. Probably a good idea to tighten it one position

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